About Micron (M) Sdn Bhd

MICRON (M) SDN BHD was incorporated in June 1989 as a company specializes in the design and fabrication of cleanroom equipment. Our range of Clean Room equipment including Air Shower, Pass Box, Laminar Flow Bench, Clean Booth and Mini-environment for semiconductor and micro-electronics manufacturing markets.

In our quest to provide better services to both existing and potential customers, we have expanded our business activities to include trading of Clean Room related products. We now hold key representations of a few very established manufacturers in the Clean Room industry.

We provide a complete range of high quality Clean Room and ventilation air filters, fan filter units, chemical filters, Clean Room systems for ceiling grid, wall panels, and raised floors. Other supplemental cleanroom products include E.S.D, anti-vibration systems and centralized vacuum systems.

Apart from semiconductor and micro-electronic industries, we have extended our range of products and service to the pharmaceutical, hospital, car spray and laboratory applications.

Micron Cleanroom (Philippines), Inc. established since 1998 in Philippines to provide local services to the growing semiconductor and disk drive industry.